Creative recycling

Singer Cafe and creative recycling

In the process of renovating and decorating the Singer Cafe some local Palestinian friends started to have creative ideas about how to use second hand and recycled materials.

The result of all this creativity is that all the furniture in the Singer Cafe is either second hand or made with recycled materials. Some of the tables are made of small pieces of local olive wood and some of the book shelves are made of pallet wood. The low seats are second hand and have a new cover made by a local Palestinian tailor from Beit Sahour. Many of the chairs and tables come from second hand markets and an antique store in Bethlehem’s Star Street.




We came across an old friend, who works in decorations for film sets. He became professional in creative recycling. Several of his pieces are on display in the Singer Cafe.

There is a table made of an old window shutter, two lamps consisting of 700 wooden clothespins each, mirrors in old tennis rackets and you can hang your coat on bended forks and spoons.





You can see more of his work on this facebook page:محل-حبْكَرَ/136231806444857