Cultural Art Walks in Beit Sahour

Twice a month MishwArt organizes a cultural Art Walk in the old city of Beit Sahour, departing from Singer Cafe.

Mishwar is the Arabic word for walk or tour. The aim of the walk is to discover the studios and showrooms of local Palestinian artists in Beit Sahour and enjoy the atmosphere in the old part of the town.

Upcoming Art Walks:

Saturday 8th September 2018

The Art Walk will pass by Aref’s music instrument workshop, Ala’s Upcycling workshop, the studio of independent artist Ayed Arafah, El Beir Arts and Seeds and Riham’s Art Salon.

The tour fee is 25 shekel pp.

We meet at 9.30 for coffee and introduction in Singer Cafe and we leave at 10 AM sharp (3 hours)

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You can also book a tailor-made program for a group (friends, family, colleagues, birthday party) The artists offer a wide range of workshops to choose from. It varies from participating in music workshops, arts and crafts, recycling, theater, painting or a music or theater performance. Depending on your time and budget we can create a program including Art Walk, breakfast / lunch, workshop, visit to the local beer brewery, diner.

For tailor made programs please contact Kristel at


Participants are:

Aref Sayed, a Palestinian music instrument maker from Jerusalem with a workshop in Beit Sahour. He studied in Italy and Germany and he specialized in arab oriental instruments and bow instruments. In his workshop you will find him working on multiple instruments such as the ud, qanun, bouzouki, violin, cello and viola. Aref is always looking to improve the instruments and give them a personal touch.

Ala Hilu and his Resign Studio where it is all about recycling and upcycling waste, turning it into artistic and useful products. Resign has a training room, working space and a show room. You can see Ala at work, sign up for a workshop in the training room or buy some of his upcycled products in the small shop.

Ayed Arafah is an independent artist who grew up in Deheisheh refugee camp. He has a BA degree in contemporary visual art from the International Academy of Art and a BA in social work from Al Quds Open University. He likes to work with painting, video, photography and installation as classic and contemporary media in order to engage with different levels of society. His work aims to motivate a better understanding about the self (self and others) in relation with society’s issues regarding politics, culture and economics.

Vivien and Ayed run ‘El Beir, Arts and Seeds’, a showroom for varied works of art, handcrafts, and specialty food and seed items. It is home of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library. El Beir is Arabic for ‘the well’ as it is situated on top of Mary’s Well – also known as the healing place. The showroom/gallery is a hub for artists’ products from all over Palestine – from oil paintings to handmade furniture, and jewelry. The space combines the art of culture and nature, which is why they offer a limited collection of food and agricultural items. In their Arti-Cultural center they offer events, workshops, film screenings and other activities to keep your imagination, and your heart ignited.

Mostadam is a creative Permaculture consultancy founded by Mohammed Saleh, which provides a complete solution for beneficiaries through holistic ecologicalـdesign and education for gardens, rooftops, terraces and profitable farms. Regardless of the location (urban, rural or apartment) or physical size of the project.

Art Salon is an independent art space ran by the female artist Riham Isaac. She has an MA degree in ‘Performance Making’ from Goldsmiths – University of London and has been working as a performer in Palestinian and international theater productions. She is now engaged in many different art forms and has recently opened Art Salon. Its main purpose is to create an open platform where artists can meet, work and where art can be promoted to the local community. Art Salon offers space for artistic workshops, drawing sessions, music jamming, improvisations, film screenings and lectures. It can also be booked as a venue for events, workshops or as an art residency.

Singer Cafe is run by Palestinian-Dutch couple Tariq and Kristel. They collected a good number of old Singer sewing machines and furnished the Cafe with those and other second hand and recycled items. The Singer Cafe offers the best coffee in town, a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options and it has a non smoking area with a library, kid’s toys and a roof terrace with a view over Beit Sahour. It organizes political tours in Bethlehem with ‘To be There’ and hosts cultural events and community diners.

Wise Men’s Choice beer brewery is on the other end of Beit Sahour, so you will get in a taxi to reach Rafat Houary the beer brewery who will give you a tour of his brewery and explain you all about the different kinds of beer he brews. Of course you will have a chance to taste the beer and enjoy the view from the terrace in front of his home.

Here is a list of workshops you can choose from:
Ala’s Resign for recycling design:
1 hour workshop: working together on recycling cans, plastic and paper into decorations and accessories
2 hours workshop: make your own cup or small glass from an empty beer bottle
2 hours workshop: use scrap wood and hand tools to make decorative pieces
3 hours workshop: use old wood, metal scrap or other ‘waste’ to make a small piece of furniture or a lamp. Learn how to use some of the big tools in the process.
Special deals for a whole day training for small groups. For day long training please make reservation 3 weeks in advance.
Please contact Ala for information, booking and prices:Phone: 0599 125 281E-mail: resign.pal@gmail.comFacebook: @Resign.pal
Riham’s Art Salon

1. Free improvisation session: This workshop invites you to freely improvise and make art by being totally yourself. During the session Riham uses different art mediums and tools such as drawing, body movement, free improvisations, music, installation and creative writings. You will enter a journey that will hopefully awaken your creativity. 1-2 hours or a full day session of 5 hours upon request.2. Guest artist workshops: Each month Art Salon will host a workshop by a guest artist such as a painter, a dancer, a director, a filmmaker or a photographer. We invite all artists who would like to give a workshop at Art Salon to contact us.

3. Stage presence workshop: eye contact, body language, voice, breathing and being grounded are highly effective techniques to improve confidence on stage and in public speaking. This workshop is suitable for musicians, actors, dancers or even lecturers and tour guides.

4. Art for kids: every Thursday afternoon children can develop their artistic talents with the help of specialized teachers in drama, painting, crafts and dance. Riham also offer activities for children’s birthday parties.

5. Live performance: with the use of visuals, sounds, poems and movement Riham will invite you to an intimate performance in her Art Salon (max 10 people)


Facebook: @artsalon.rihamisaac

El Beir, Arts and Seeds
1. Arabic Calligraphy: This workshop is led by contemporary artist, Ayed Arafah, who combines the technique of calligraphy writing with his passion for the arts – especially calligraphy on fabric. Participants learn the basics of calligraphy. They can choose to create their own design that can be custom made on T-Shirts, bags, pillowcases, and other fabrics or paper. This is a fun workshop for students, language and art lovers, and anyone who wants to learn something new!
2. Agri-Cultural Palestine: This workshop is led by Vivien Sansour. She is the founder of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library. Vivien has over a decade of experience in the field as a writer, producer, and photographer. Participants will be taken on a journey inside the Agri- Cultural world of Palestine. A combination of lecture and storytelling exercises will leave participants with increased curiosity about the food they eat, and their powerful role in conserving our natural heritage.
3. Foraging Tour: Depending on season the tour will focus on a specific edible plant, which participants will learn about and collect in a location near Bethlehem with Vivien Sansour. The tour ends with a cooking demonstration with the participation of the group using the traveling kitchen at El Beir Arts and Seeds square garden. This tour/workshop involves walking and cooking. Great for all food and nature lovers!
4. Malteneh (play dough) Workshop: bring your child and awaken the child in you! This fun and relaxing experience opens the space to work with colorful play dough creating different shapes and themes. Led by artist and educator Ayed Arafah who uses play dough for children as a form of self-expression and for adults as meditation! Come alone or with your family! This workshop is colorful!

To book any of these workshops or to create your own custom made workshop contact us:E-mail:

Facebook: El Beir Arts and Seeds

Aref’s music instrument workshop
1. A visit to his workshop with Arabic coffee and stories about the instruments and some technical aspects of music instrument making (1 to 2 hours depending on your wishes)
2. A full day that includes an explanation about his workshop and instrument making and a practical workshop of designing oriental decorations and using a jigsaw to cut out the wood decorations
3. A visit to his workshop with Arabic coffee and stories about the instruments and some technical aspects of music instrument making ànd a 20 minutes music performance by a local musician on the ud or qanun. (1 to 2 hours depending on your wishes)

Phone: 05 2 5154562E-mail:

Facebook: @Aref.sayed