Stories from Bethlehem tour

Discover Bethlehem, learn about the history, heritage and the reality of daily life under military occupation.

Kristel is a tour guide and historian and she produces a weekly podcast called Stories from Palestine. The tour takes you to the Shepherds fields in Beit Sahour, a coffee stop at Singer Cafe, the old city of Bethlehem with the Star Street and the Nativity Church, both of which are on the UNESCO world heritage list, the Milk Grotto where Mary nursed baby Jesus and miracles happen! And then we visit the Walled Off Hotel, a project by graffiti artist Banksy, we see the wall and its impact on the locals in Bethlehem and we visit Aida refugee camp. During the tour Kristel will introduce you to the Palestinians from Bethlehem and you can hear their stories.

Contact Kristel to hear about upcoming tour dates or request your own date. She is usually available in the morning hours of school days (Mon – Thursday and Saturday) Price is 150 shekel pp (minimum 3 participants – maximum 6 people) If you are less than 3 people, we can try to find other participants to join the tour or you can pay 450 shekel.

If you want to visit other parts of Palestine (Westbank, East Jerusalem or the rest of historic Palestine, currently the State of Israel) then feel free to reach out to see if we can organize something or refer you to other guides.